CLINI-LAB S.R.L. is an established company in the marketing and manufacture of Medical Devices, Diagnostic Medical Devices and Personal Protective Equipment for Public and Private Healthcare Facilities.
Founded in 1983, continues its upward trend due to significant and strong partnerships with leading industries: its primary focus is to offer high quality products and services. CLINI-LAB S.R.L. has an excellent organization: effective sales and post-sales service supported by quality management service.
The facility, located in Conselve (PD), houses the registered office and the place business of the Company: a modern 6.000 square meters warehouse and an office building of approximately 800 square meters.
CLINI-LAB S.R.L. works in compliance with a Quality Management System Certificated in accordance with the EN ISO 9001 2008 and EN ISO 13485 -2003 and operates according to an advanced organizational model

The Company CLINI-LAB S.R.L. has a proper financial strength and solidity. Below you can find the growth trend of the turnovers, from 2013 to 2016.

Most of CLINI-LAB SRL customers are of public health facilities: Local Health Structures, Hospitals as well as Universities and Research Institutes.
The supplies are a result of purchasing procedures (public tenders, contracts etc..), held by each Public Management in compliance with EU directives, national and regional regulations. Private Hospitals and Clinics, Laboratories, private Practices, private Pharmacies, represent a more limited market area in terms of turnover, but still important and strategic.
A fair amount of turnover is achieved with the cooperation of local Distributors and Wholesalers.

The marketing area, initially represented by the North-East Italy, has now expanded across the whole country. Product promotion and sales is entrusted to its technical and business staff. CLINI-LAB S.R.L. also makes use of local distributors for promotion and sale.

CLINI-LAB S.R.L. bases its activities on the combination of quality and price, through the quality of marketed products, technical and sales promotion, logistics and after-sales service. These are the same elements valued in purchasing procedures by Hospital Managements. The enhancement of product quality and service allows CLINI-LAB S.R.L. to impose itself against companies that implement only an aggressive price strategy.

CLINI-LAB S.R.L. aims to consolidate and gradually expand its market, maintaining the level of customer satisfaction. To achieve this focus CLINI-LAB S.R.L. needs the growth of technical and commercial team, a possible expansion of dealt product lines, continuous technological and logistic innovation. To this end, adequate resources have been allocated to help to expand the economic performance and to strengthen financial efficiency confirmed by the current financial management structure.